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The saree is one of the world's oldest unstitched clothing that has stood the trials of time. Over the ages, it has not just turned into a staple clothing for Indian ladies across ages and religions but it has been a bread earner for craftsmen to weave enchantment as choice weaving, inventive prints and jeweled or gold-silver embellishments. The entire embroidery industry spins around the sari. Due to the flexibility of this old Indian clothing it has transformed into a worldwide sensation. People not only of Indian or sub continental origin wear it but there are a number of Hollywood celebrities who wear it. Opera Winfrey, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Cambell, Paris Hilton, Madonna and Julia Roberts to name a few. They are certainly stealing the show at not only national stages but also on global platforms.

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India has always been under various rulers which has also brought about a change in the clothing style. Curiously the roots of a saree can be followed back to the Mesopotamian civilization. Since India was acquainted with the cotton from the Mesopotamian civilization. The Aryan and Dravidian influence, the effect of Mughal and Sikh as well as western country attire made the saree what we see today. Saree can be considered undoubtedly as one of the most relative form of Indian outfit. It is one outfit that any person from any part of the world will relate to India. 

Despite the fact that a women wears a salwaar kameez out of comfort, for special occasions like pooja, wedding she will look out for sari. The saree can make a girl with a good figure look more beautiful and even help to hide the belly fat of a heavier woman if she changes the way she drapes it. A girl can wear this wonderful piece of clothing adorned with jewelry like necklace, earing, nose ring and bangles. In short you can do solah singar using a saree. This has in turn prompted fashion designers to try different things with the sari with giving special importance to colors, fabric and the work as well as style of draping it.


One can get a saree in a number of colors as per the occasion in all the colours of a rainbow. Baby pink, red, green yellow, white and black colour are hot favorites in it. There are various color trends for saree that is currently in vogue like mixing two colors together. These sarees are called half n half saree in which there is a different color in the skirt part and a different one in the pallu. Now saris with multicolors are also available to wear.chanderi cotton sarees wholesale


A saree is mainly made of the following fabrics georgette, silk, chiffon and cotton sarees . The georgette material is made up of silk that has greatly twisted yarn. It is a light weight fabric. It gives solid colors and prints however it is a dull fabric. So nowadays there are various faux georgette sarees in the market that provide greater luster than the pure one. Pure Silk sarees are found in various forms as per the region like Banarasi Silk and Kanjevaram from Tamil Nadu or Bomkai from Orissa, Paithani from Maharashtra, Bandhani from Gujarat and Rajasthan, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, Phulkeri from Punjab as well as the Chinkari from Lucknow. You can also get sarees which are mixed with other fabric like Crepe which gives a crisp feel to the outfit. The mix of silk with crepe is called silk crepe sarees. Similarly there are satin crepe as well as synthetic crepe and micro crepe sarees available in the textile market. Chiffon is another material that is a hot favorite in sarees. The material is a light weight and breathable best for Indian weather conditions. Wholesale Cotton sarees are a hot favourite during the summers. The West Bengal Taant form is a famous Durga Pooja cotton saree worn in Bengal. 


There are various kind of embroidery work that are done on the saree which is either handcrafted or by using a handloom machine. The most famous out of these are the Zardosi work which has Persian roots and gives a rich look to the clothing. Similarly Rajasthani patch work design is also very famous among ethnic dress lovers. The Zari work of Gujarat is also a good choice. Adding buttas or motifs and embellishments and mirror is also an important part in the sari. All these forms are accessible online in wholesale and retail basis.You can also get printed saree. The design are outlined with genuinely advanced flower designs, paisleys, creature themes which are utilized in the embroidery

Drape style

The saree is draped in different way in different regions of the country. The traditional Bengali style is the one which is the easiest yet which can give the most profound look. The saree is wrapped by making two big pleats and a large key rings to hold the keys in the pleat. The Marathi form of saree draping is also another form which is unique. The modern era has brought in a new form of saree draping that is called Bollywood style wherein the navel is visible. This is a style which girls with a lovely body tend to wear. Women who are on the heavier side can try out where the lower portion is draped like a skirt which will tend to make you look thinner.

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