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Wholesale Anarkali Salwar Kameez Suit

Anarkali Salwar Suit is another clothing which has taken Indian clothing to next level. Framed by Mughals era, kept on adapting the latest trends of fashion. This particular outfit was widely used during Mughals era and it’s said that this was also wore by the queens. This ladies Anarkali dress was always first favorite women clothing when talk about Mughals era. We would not hesitate to say that even today the charm is not gone, yes it could not be the first preference however it’s highly demanded. Leading designer has kept on this clothing alive by making different kind of experiment and matching to today’s latest fashion trend.

This is most favorite outfits of every woman who wear it well, thereby flaunting their curves. Moreover, if you wish to look completely different from others in the crowd, then you just need to beautify yourself in this suit.

Anarkali suit is the most famous and attractive attire options for women. It is very popular among Indian women. Indian clothes are meant to be radiant, vivid and effervescent which show India lively culture. Each piece of Indian clothing symbolizes the rich Indian textile heritage and the unmatchable craftsmanship of the artist involved in embroidering, printing, painting, etc. Rajasthani work, Kashmiri and Gujarati embroidery, mirror work, etc., have recognition world over. This craftsmanship done by the hand has its aura and is unmatchable by the work is done on a machine.

Anarkali Dress

By seeing the trend of women Anarkali Dress retailers have started dealing even in small shop. Today you may find this outfit in nearby store or nearby market and you don’t have to visit big shopping malls.  The only problem retailer faces is that while they need to buy in bulk to keep in store as they need to travel all from their destination to wholesaler. Even after visiting wholesaler question rises about design as every retailer want’s to have design that would be liked by audience.


We understood this problem so we have an online wholesale Anarkali Salwar Kameez Suit portal so that retailer can sit relax in their store and can have a look with wide range of designs. Retailer can also order online in bulk and can get this Anarkali Suit at wholesale price to doorstep. We offer various shipping delivery facility as well as multiple payment mode.

Wholesaletextile the well-known manufacturer, supplier,exporter adn dealer of Anarkali Salwar Kameez  and provider at wholesale price located in Surat, Gujarat, India. The consumers are free to choose from the wide variety of products. Nearly two hundred or, even more, international as well as national fashion brands are available with us. 

Wholesale Anarkali Suits 

The word Anarkali virtually means that the fragile bud of the pomegranate flower /tree. The name is given to signify the quality of softness, vulnerability, beauty of the girls and women dressed up in these suits. Anarkali suits owe their name to the fictional Anarkali who was dead for her illicit relationship with the prince Salim. This suit revises the golden era of salwar kameez fashion and brings out its beauty and charm. From the past times to the present time generation, anarkalis have gone through various changes in designs, patterns, colors and creative testaments. This type of suits is a frock style longs gown type and slim fitted in middle body which even shows the past Indian fashion. In last some years, this stylish new dress has turned out to be a fashion trend for the young girls and the women. The heavily embroidered Salwar Kameez Suits are adorned by most of the women for various occasions and functions. It is adored by ladies of all age groups. Anarkali dresses have become very common among Indian women and young girls, these dresses give them a makeover for their traditional look. 

                     Wholesale Anarkali Suit Online

Anarkalis with long sleeves and beautiful design make you look really dazzling and gorgeous. The flowing frock style pattern of these dresses flatters every woman. This outfit looks outstanding and can make you look amazingly beautiful, along with this dress you don’t need any other accessories except a pair of heavy earrings and bangles in one hand and a wrist watch in other. We have splendid expert designers who give new ideas and innovations and a transformation to fulfill desire of every women in the world to wear and dress up the best. It is possibly the want of each and every girl in this world to look amazing. Every girl firstly needs to be comfortable with what she is wearing, it should be of her own choice and everything has to be perfect so that she looks amazingly beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, lovely. The designs of this dress are designed very uniquely with different weaving patterns, colors etc. These dresses are designed as per the present fashion trends by exploitation soft cotton, net, silk, lace, chiffon, fabric and crepe. 

 Why more and more retailers get attracted? 

Before buying online we always have many queries that comes in our minds, that “it’s quality would be good or not”, “will I get the product same as it is on the screen”, “will the delivery done on time or not”, “will the return facility available or not”, etc. So here we are to all your queries regarding the product and its delivery, its price and the company’s online selling policies. 

 Wholesale Anarkali Suits Supplier 

Wholesale textile is a big name in wholesale clothing of Anarkali suits. For 6 years wholesale textile is a supplier and manufacturer of Anarkali suits for ladies at a wholesale price with beautiful designs. We have fifty-five plus brands who produce Anarkali suits and we provide you online catalog and thousand plus customers who are satisfied with our products and send us mails and thanking us for proving them an attire which they love. We have all number of sizes available and all standard size chart available in our catalog. We at the wholesale textiles know that you are here on our catalogue or our site to choose the best of the collections from our online catalog. We also take care of the customer’s choice that’s why we have a number of designs in our collection and in a variety of different, reasonable prices which will satisfy your customers. As being a retailer and our buyer, you will always want to meet the present demand of customers and we being a dealer and wholesaler try to fulfill this demand. 

 Customer Service 

  • We are flexible with the payment. Any mode of payment you can use to transfer money, it can be UPI payment, direct bank transfer or we even provide cash on delivery. 

  • when your order is placed we ensure that you get your chosen catalogue or your material delivered as soon as possible. And also, we have made our website very easy to use which is equipped with the user-friendly interface helps you work faster. 

  • As the customer always wants to get everything at their doorstep we have provided with the free COD on orders above Rs.10,000. We at wholesale textile leading with the wholesalers provide you 24*7 Customer service, our executive is always there to help you with your issue as we have the best team support. We do provide best service along with best quality. We are here always who work for providing best service to customers and always implement new ideas regarding the same.