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Churidar Dress Material Supplier Collection for Ladies

Indian traditional dress lovers have more demand of dress material these days as they can customize it as per their choice. In old era ladies were liking to wear churidar body fit dresses and in this era ladies like churidar dress material but not body fit dresses. They wear it in more pretty way with cut in two sides.

This particular clothing you can wear at any occasion like wedding, party, reception and at office too. If you’ve extra weight and you can’t wear a readymade dress or there isn’t enough fabric in semistitch dress as it comes up to 42 size, wholesale churidar dress material is best option.

There are many type of dresses fall in this category which is available in lowest range to highest range with us. As per fabric and designs price may vary. We are leading wholesaler Churidar dress materials so you can buy in bulk at wholesale price in India or from any part of the world. Beside Price we even focus on customer service area and make sure all demands of customer are fulfilled regarding products.

How it is?

In Churidar you’ll have extra length of pant fabric thus you’ll have churi type gathered pattern at ankle and loose fitting in upper part. Some people get confused when it comes to season to decide to wear churidar.  If it is in your case we advise you to wear it in monsoon which is perfect season to wear this type of dress with comfortable and decent look. 


This dress material clothing you would notice especially during wedding season and in Punjab it can be called as must wear. This has been favorite material used for any clothing that you would notice any special occasion. It is little slippery and shinny so just image when during occasion bright and your bright dress would make the best combination.


Our Churidar dress material manufacturing unit is based in Surat have N number team member who strive their best to deliver you high quality material. Churidar dress Suppliers are always in touch with us and make a bulk purchase and supplies good all over India and globally.