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Z.S  Rang Reza Mid Summer Exclusive cotton collection catalog

Z.S Rang Reza Mid Summer Exclusive cotton collection catalog

MOQ : 10
Fabric : COTTON
Size : Unstitch

    Out Of Stock

 Deepsy Aniq vol 22 Catalog  Buy Wholesale Pakistani Lawn Salwar suits

Deepsy Aniq vol 22 Catalog Buy Wholesale Pakistani Lawn Salwar suits

MOQ : 8
Size : Unstitch

    Out Of Stock

MCT Safinaz 101 Georgette Pakistani Salwar Suits

Everybody is Looking for Wholesale Pakistani suits Online

Shopping women’s clothing is a feat in itself! What with the enormous amount of competition in this industry, not to mention newer styles and fashion getting updated every minute, women have become choosy. They do not want to pile up garments that will end up in the corner of their wardrobe without ever wearing them. The times when impulse buys were the name of the game are bygones. Online clothing giants have ensured, through their return policies, that impulse buys can be exchanged with more conscious, quality purchases. They provide customers with quality products at affordable prices, ensuring that they stay one step ahead in customer satisfaction.

With the festivals just around the corner and after the slow down, people are steadily getting back to their feet. Women are prepping themselves for the festivities, and it is time to stock up with daily wear, and occasionally wears Indian dresses. But with so many fashionable clothing to choose from, it is a difficult decision to make. You do not want to end up with outfits that you are not too keen on wearing. The key lies between the balance of knowing your comfort and style and the latest trends merging with your choice. And rather than designing and sewing these pretty beauties from scratch, you can take advantage of wholesaler of Pakistani suits online India.

This is where the wholesale pakistani suits market of India comes to your rescue. Not only do these wholesalers will give you the latest trends in the fashion world, but will also give you a number of varieties pertaining to them. One of such ongoing trend is the wholesale Pakistani Suit.  The undying fascination with this Suit lies in its ability to be as conservative or as contemporary as the wearer wants it to be. If you have ever visited the Wholesaletextile, you would know the variety, styles, materials, and the price of Pakistani suits that are incomparable to any in the world.  Ask any wholesaler of Pakistani suits and they would happily share the inequity women have towards this attire regardless of her profession

As a wholesaler of Pakistani Suit, we know every woman longs for this attire

It never is easy for the woman of today. The demands of the "homemaking" and "career-making" world have increased the worries and hassles. The clothing choices in India are numerous. But the one that works for every woman is the one that fulfills the fashion demands and comfort level – all included in one. For any woman to carry out her tasks effortlessly, she has to be comfortable in her skin. She is "The Dutee Chand” of her family, running from the moment she opens her eyes every morning till the time she says goodnight – sleep tight – don’t let the bed bugs bite! Is it any wonder then that the dress she chooses to wear has to keep up with her pace and the world’s expectations? That’s when the Pakistani Suit comes to her rescue. Like the prince riding on a horse towards her in the twilight, she hopes, more than the prince himself, he is bringing her a wholesale supply of those comfortable, cotton, pure bliss wholesale Pakistani suits

It was in the 13th century that these suits were first introduced and were an instant hit among the south Asian community. After which they quickly gained popularity and gradually spread to different regions, making it a "regional" dress of that area. By the way, here's an interesting tit-bit about the Pakistani Suit: it is widely worn by the men of Afghanistan and some men in Punjab (India) – without the feminine curves and cuts, of course!

Who said daytime attire has to be boring? With numerous prints, fancy lace affairs, delectable necklines, and colorful tassels in cool fabrics such as cotton and crepe, the wholesalers of Pakistani suits have left women spoiled for choice. But when it comes to occasional wear, it’s time for some fancy georgette, net, and chiffon fabrics with gorgeous Zari work or colored stonework.

The dupattas are a work of fashion too. Traditionally worn as a simpler version of the purdah or the burqa, the dupattas took a stylish turn. Detailed prints, fancy borders, shaded monochrome, contrast color variation, etc. in fabrics such as net, tissue, georgette have made dupattas fashionable. These loose, unstitched, and yet a very important piece of the Pakistani salwar suit is not just used to cover one's head in reverence or respect but also for flaunting the dress itself.

Where can you get wholesale price Pakistani suit ?

The wholesale price of the Pakistani suits is very reasonable, making it a favorable outfit for the end customer. Giving the latest outfits at a reasonable price ensures that you don't compromise on your earnings. The advantages of building your line from the wholesaler of Pakistani suits are many. The demand for these suits is such that wholesaler of Pakistani suits in India is every day coming up with newer styles and collections. The varieties you get to have with each, and every collection are astounding.

Pakistani suits are famously known as lawn suits as well. For the simple reason that most of these suits are made up of a typical fabric called "Lawn." It is made from cotton and is the lightest fabric, which makes it suitable for hot and humid days. The styling of this attire is very catchy too. Elongated and full Sleeves, a long kurta (otherwise known as kameez) preferred with empire style waists, loose pants known as salwar – wider at the waist and narrower at the bottom, generally preferred in muted, subdued colors are some traits that mark the Pakistani suits different from its other counterparts. Neutral prints and embroidery will be the distinguishing factor if the Pakistani Suit is chosen for everyday comfort. For the glossy occasion, elaborate embroidery with a jazzy look and bright or pastel colours is the ultimate choice. With the changing times, the look of the Pakistani Suit has also been changed so as to bring in the oomph factor. Bell-shaped sleeves on the kameez and salwar that are tight till the knees, which then fall to the ankles in a loose skirt-style flare, are the latest fashion trend.


Among the famous clothing that is worn in India, most are the Pakistani Salwar Suit. Wholesale Textile being a leader in the wholesale industry for women clothing manufactures ladies Pakistani suits and distributes across India. There are a number of Suppliers and dealers who are members of our website and keep buying Pakistani Salwar kameez or Suit on a regular basis at wholesale price.

We have got a wide range of designs, and we keep releasing Pakistani Suits Catalogs on a monthly basis. We are always ahead of the fashion as we keep analyzing the current trend and make sure it reaches to every retailer/customer. Designs, as compared from past to present, have been modified, and that's how we have kept ourselves on toes with the new trend and designed Women Pakistani Suit in the same manner.

With the passing of time, this woman's clothing has been modified according to trends. We have lots of variations that you can choose from. Don't stick to old designs, browse our collection, and check out what the latest trend is, what suits you best and what would be best for any occasion.

Send Inquiry: Wholesale price ladies Pakistani Suits, Salwar Kameez, Pakistani Dress. Buy in bulk range of women Pakistani suits at low price from Indian website Wholesale Textile.

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